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Working For Our Kids Over the Long Haul
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

I met Judy Crocker more than twenty years ago when our daughters were students at Community Nursery School. Because of the volunteer nature of a cooperative, we were told by other parents that we could count on seeing CNS parents throughout our kids’ years in the Lexington Schools. Sure enough, I worked with Judy on many projects over the next 15 years. From the Yellow Balloon Fair at CNS through the All Night Graduation Party at Lexington High School, she has taken responsibility for making good things happen for our children. And not just for her own 3 children, but for all of the children of Lexington.

Her tenure as a School Committee Member is emblematic of Judy’s commitment. She is not afraid of controversial issues, asks incisive questions and looks for fact-based solutions. In short, Judy does the hard work necessary to support our students, teachers and staff.

For most parents, their youngest child’s graduation signifies their own graduation of sorts. As most of us are hanging up our school obligations with relief, Judy has stepped up, dug in and has re-enlisted to keep our world class public schools world class, and our finances in check. I heartily support her re-election to School Committee.

Ruth Fleischmann, Angier Road

Crocker for School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

We have followed Judy Crocker’s first term on the School Committee and are truly impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity with which she tackles the responsibilities of her office.

Judy’s budgeting and finance experience from her M.B.A. background enable her to evaluate school solutions from a business perspective, a critical skill given proposed major capital expenditures and pressures on the schools’ operating budget.

She is inclusive in her problem solving, allowing the input of other committee members and the public to supplement and inform her work. In meetings, she treats all participants with civility and respect.

She’s worked hard and effectively during her first term on the School Committee and has earned our confidence and gratitude. Please join us and vote for Judy Crocker for another three-year term.

Jane and Richard Pagett, Oakmount Circle

Judy Sees the Big Picture
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

Elected officials must understand where policy fits in the big picture. Sound policy is the foundation upon which good governance is built. When Judy began her first School Committee term, she saw immediately that the School Committee’s Policy Manual was neither current nor a proper reflection of the institutional memory of past superintendents and administrators over the last 50 years.

Updating the Policy Manual was not a “showy” project, but Judy impressed upon her colleagues that their efforts to collaboratively and carefully produce the updates were important to the Schools. In Judy’s Year I, she worked with Ms. Steigerwald to update the entire manual. Most towns allow multiple years to complete such an undertaking, but Judy and Jessie worked with many staff members and administrators to codify common procedures, before key personnel left LPS for other positions.

In Judy’s Year II, she worked with Ms. Coppe and new Superintendent Czajkowski to introduce Lexington’s policies to Dr. Czajkowski and to methodically inform the staff of policy updates. In Judy’s Year III, she worked with Eileen Jay and with staff to develop a new Buffer Zone Policy; and she reached out to the League of Women Voters to promote a First Friday event to introduce the concepts of the new Buffer Zone Policy to the general community. That event took place in December, 2016.

Attention to policy rarely garners attention from the press; but without policy to anchor decision-making and functional requirements, there are no touchstones to serve as an effective GPS for cooperative work. I salute Judy’s seeing the big picture and spearheading the job of putting updated School Committee policies in their rightful place as the bedrock of good governance and oversight.

Please join me in enthusiastically voting to re-elect Judy on March 6th, so she may continue to get the job done.

Barrie Peltz, Jackson Court

Judy Crocker Loves Lexington
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

I am honored to endorse for Judy Crocker for reelection to the Lexington School Committee. Her commitment to the School Committee and the people of Lexington is undeniable. I greatly respect Judy’s passion for community service and the work ethic she exhibits with each and every project she undertakes. We are fortunate that she has given her time to Lexington and the children in it.

I am most familiar with Judy Crocker’s dedication to Lexington’s History. I have witnessed firsthand her passion for our Colonial history. Judy was one of the original parent members of the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps, our town’s youth musical group. She was instrumental to the successful development of this youth fife and drum corps. Judy helped to build this Lexington-based organization. Her skills in team building, recruitment, event planning, publicity, fundraising, and procedural development laid the structure for today’s successful organization.

Fifteen years later, Judy continues to support this youth musical group. As a result of her dedication, thousands of people watch our town’s children perform annually. More importantly, hundreds of our town’s children have found an activity they love and a place to belong.

Please join me in supporting Judy Crocker by voting for her on March 6th.

Susan Rubenstein, Brigham Rd

Experience, experience, experience is what Judy Crocker has!
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, omitted from February 23, 2017

I am endorsing Judy Crocker for School Committee since she is extremely experienced, intelligent, fiscally responsible, non-political, hardworking, honest and always shows tremendous integrity in all she does. I have known Judy for almost 20 years when we first met at Harrington. Judy has long been involved in making the schools better through being PTA president, starting Big Backyard, Math Mornings, Harrington Builds, member of Site Council, etc. And she has never stopped. Lexington Public Schools have benefited from the perspective, leadership, and experience that Judy encompasses.

As a member of the School Committee the last three years, Judy has taken an active role by being Chair of School Committee Policy Manual Subcommittee, Co-Chair ad hoc School Master Planning Committee, Co-Chair Finance Working Group, and much more which you can read on her website

Judy’s focus always puts students first. She understands the need for sound classroom space and maintaining Lexington’s level of academic excellence , while balancing being fiscally responsible. Her School Committee tenure will continue to address enrollment, facilities, curriculum, faculty, stress, and policy challenges.

Some folks think that since they no longer have school age children, that the School Committee is not important. This mentality is so incorrect. If you are a homeowner in Lexington, you need someone on School Committee to be fiscally responsible to keep your taxes from climbing. You also want someone like Judy to keep the schools as good as they are so the worth of your home will not decrease.

Help me to get Judy Crocker elected by spreading the word!

Lynnell Stern, Webb St

Judy Crocker for School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

I am voting to re-elect Judy Crocker to our School Committee, because she is a person who gets the job done. Judy is not just a person with great ideas to benefit Lexington’s students, but she is a person who rolls up her sleeves to chair and serve on committees to bring those ideas to fruition.

I remember first seeing Judy’s name associated with the Safe Routes To School Program that is still in existence and, of which, she is coordinator. The program serves as an advocate with School Administration, Police, Public Works, Engineering, School Committee, and Selectmen to ensure that the town’s walkways and streets are safe for our children to walk to school, great exercise for them under the right conditions!

Her name also jumped out to me in her role on the ad hoc School Transportation and Safety Study Committee. Among its accomplishments was to make bus ridership more feasible for Lexington parents that has resulted in fewer cars all heading to the same place in the morning and afternoon: our schools.

When Judy first ran for a seat n the School Committee in 2014, I was delighted that a person with her insight and background of community activism would want to serve on it and, by doing so, be able to directly impact the direction of our school system and the services we provide our students. Once elected, Judy demonstrated to be be the School Committee member I want to represent us: a person who keeps the focus of our school system on the social-emotional welfare and academic life of our students.

Visit Judy Crocker’s website: to learn more reasons why she is my choice.

David Horton, Paul Revere Road

Judy Understands Fiscal Responsibility
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

Rising enrollments strain our budgets. Judy Crocker understands the needs of our schools, both in capacity and in programs. Judy is also mindful of the need to control expenses (taxes).

Judy brings experience in promoting cost-effective long-term planning. Additional space must be provided with fiscal responsibility. Programs must be reviewed and updated to ensure a safe and functional educational environment for students and faculty.

There are no miracle solutions. Judy Crocker is independent and creative. She strives to provide the best utilization of limited local, state, and federal funding in order to maintain current quality of education.

Ephraim Weiss, Lowell St

Re-elect Judy Crocker
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

As a parent of four school-aged children, I will be voting to re-elect Judy Crocker to School Committee on March 6.

Over decades of service to Lexington, Judy has consistently demonstrated the passion, vision, knowledge, and tenacity needed to overcome complex challenges and create enduring benefits for students, families, and the community. Her strengths and experience will remain critical for School Committee as it faces challenges including addressing substantial capital needs and finding effective strategies to support students’ physical and emotional health.

Judy excels at identifying and implementing thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Examples abound, but my own experience as a Safe Routes to School volunteer relates to her leadership as a passionate champion of student health and safety. Since 2005, Judy has been the driving force behind Lexington’s award-winning Safe Routes to School program: improving traffic safety; decreasing traffic and emissions on school grounds; increasing bus ridership; and inspiring countless children and families to stay active by walking or biking to school. Throughout that work, she has collaborated with school officials, navigated town and state government, mobilized and trained crews of parent volunteers, procured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for infrastructure improvements, and reliably responded to the needs of the community. When parents recently expressed concerns about unsafe conditions near Harrington School, for example, Judy not only listened, but leapt into action, researching potential solutions and working with the town to provide much-needed flashing safety lights on Lowell Street.

Judy brings that same can-do spirit and ability to shepherd projects to completion to her work on School Committee. I urge Lexington residents to re-elect her on March 6 so she can continue applying her substantial strengths and experience on behalf of our children, our schools, and our community.

Jennifer Roney, Lillian Rd

Endorsement of Judy Crocker for School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

It was my pleasure to serve with Judy Crocker on the School Committee while I was student representative. Her dedication to education in Lexington allowed me to reassure my classmates that the School Committee had our best interest in mind.

She has shown true dedication to the two issues that seem to matter most to students, stress and fixing school facilities. I addition she is always ready to listen to the opinions of students even when she does not agree.

I encourage you to vote for Judy Crocker and to vote in general. The attention the community pays to the schools is a major part of what makes them great and what will make them better.

Abigail P.G. Swartz, Former representative of School Committee, Lexington High School graduate

CROCKER: the Right Choice for a 3-year School Committee term
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

 As a former School Committee (SC) member, I know the large learning curve one needs to master in order to lead our school system, not to mention the substantial weekly workload.

We are fortunate to have Judy Crocker agree to run for another 3-year SC term. She spent her first term on the SC working on some of the most challenging subcommittees, including:

  • hiring Superintendent Czajkowski;
  • co-chairing the Ad Hoc School Master-Planning Committee;
  • co-chairing the Finance Working Group;
  • serving on the Executive Committee;
  • chairing the School Committee Policy Manual Subcommittee;
  • serving as current Liaison to the Superintendent’s Student Assignment Committee and to the Permanent Building Committee (PBC).

Judy has never shied away from hard work. She continues to represent the SC on the PBC, working to find cost–effective ways to accommodate our fast-growing student population and carefully analyzing the various options for adding space.

Prior to serving on the SC, Judy worked on the Safe Routes to School Program, finding common ground between school and municipal needs.

She understands that in order to continue to provide excellent education for Lexington’s children, we need to be cognizant of the needs of all Lexingtonians – including our seniors and families of limited means.

Aware of rising operating budgets, Judy asks astute questions based on careful study of the Superintendent’s presentations, and supports only those that she is confident can be sustained annually, thereby avoiding wasting resources on programs whose funding would run out in not-too-distant future.

Judy will advocate for all of us, looking for fair compromises that keep Lexington’s finances solid while maintaining school and town services at the highest levels possible.

On March 6th please vote for Judy Crocker for a 3-year School Committee term.

Olga Guttag, Emerson Rd.

Judy – A Voice of Reason & Fiscal Responsibility
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Judy Crocker has dedicated much of her passion serving on various committees, volunteering her time and energy to make Lexington a better place for all residents, young and old.

I first meet Judy while attending Estabrook Task Force, and Ad hoc School Transportation meetings, where I found Judy a voice of reason. She was instrumental in lowering the cost to ride the school bus which in turn increased ridership tremendously. As an abutter to an elementary school, I know first hand that the decrease in current traffic is substantial.

For the last three years she has taken her passion for the town and residents and has been a hard working member of the School Committee. She is working to safe guard our children’s education and their well being. She has been a voice for fiscal responsibility as the increasing enrollment has dictated the need for increased school construction projects. She has advocated for a SC Finance Committee.

I encourage you to vote for Judy Crocker for School Committee so she can continue to improve on our school system.

Bonnie Brown, Grove St

Re-Elect Judy Crocker for Lexington School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Judy Crocker will do the job right. She has served us well over the past years as a member of the Lexington School Committee. She has a realistic view of just what needs to be done to keep Lexington Schools on top and she does it.

Judy works without end to meet the needs of our school children and of our Lexington schools. While one can go on and on listing Judy’s qualifications and accomplishments, I will make this short and sweet: She is the candidate, she is the leader who will do the job right.

Margie Lager, Potter Pond

Re-elect Judy Crocker: A Prudent Advocate for Our Children
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

Lexington is fortunate that citizens such as Judy Crocker willingly devote countless hours to public service. I’m pleased and excited to support Judy’s re-election to the School Committee for a three-year term.

I met Judy when she organized the Safe Routes to School initiative and encouraged me to help with sidewalk concerns in our neighborhood. She not only started the program while her children could participate, but spearheaded it long afterward for the benefit of all pedestrians and drivers, especially during the busy morning traffic time. Moreover, she obtained grants to enhance the efforts of the volunteers she mobilized at all the elementary and middle schools.

As a member of the School Committee, Judy’s commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of all our students has guided her work. For instance, she has advocated for reforming homework policies and has helped lead the initiative to consider a later-start for the high school. She doesn’t just talk about this concept. She organized a 50-school outreach program to help address common obstacles that could impede a unilateral change by Lexington.

Moreover, Judy has shown that she is a team-player who also asks the hard questions with sensitivity to fiscal prudence. She has demonstrated the courage to vote no when others have been inclined to go along.

In summary, I hope you will consider joining me in voting to re-elect Judy Crocker because her experience, perspective, and passion will be even more vital in the next three years.

Bob Ruxin, Nickerson Rd

Judy Crocker –  Experienced,Dedicated,Devoted, Ready
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

I am not going to repeat Judy’s accomplishments, which are adequately outlined on her website and repeated by numerous others, who have written in support of her candidacy.

Suffice it to say Judy is experienced, dedicated, devoted and ready to continue her exceptional run as a member and leader within the Lexington School Committee. Lexington needs Judy to continue in that role. In our over 40 years as Lexington residents, we have met few, as qualified for their role as Judy.

Judy is also a devoted wife, Mother of three children who have graduated from Lexington schools and are pursuing graduate degrees, armed with a strong background from their Lexington education. Judy understands what Lexington Schools can deliver and is pledged to seeing that this standard of excellence is available to those who follow.


Please join us in reelecting Judy Crocker to the School Committee so that she can continue to deliver on her commitment to providing Lexington students “Excellence in Education”.

Thank You.

Margo and Jerry Lacey, 18 Meriam Street

RE-ELECT Judy Crocker to School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

Lexington’s schools are among the best in the state and the entire county. This is a result of the importance the town’s population ascribes to public education and to having a hard-working, strategic, committed school committee. How does Judy fit into this?

Judy has been a valuable member of the Lexington School Committee for the past three years. During her tenure, she has proven that she understands the challenges the town faces in continuing the long-standing record of excellence. Her accomplishments have included; helping to hire the new School Superintendent Dr. Mary Czajkowski, overhauling the policy manual, and promoting and improving town-wide communications and transparency. A few of her areas of interest encompassed co-chairing the School Master Planning Committee, the Finance Working group and the Division II Mass Association for School Committees.

As has been the case for at least the 40+ years that my husband and I have lived in Lexington, the school budget is again a top priority. Judy asks the questions to which tax payers need answers. She understands the bottom line and which expenditures will give the town the best results.

Judy knows how to get things done. She has shown herself to be a team player on the school committee and has the experience, leadership and knowledge to move our schools forward.

If re-elected, some of Judy’s goals for the next three years include creating a School Finance Committee to plan and monitor the school budget. She has been actively involved in looking at ways to lower student stress including addressing the high school start time and supporting teacher development.

Lexington schools need the creative leadership, experience and knowledge of Judy Crocker. Please join with me in re-electing her on March 6.

Marilyn Claise, Battleview Circle

Judy Crocker Seeks RE-ELECTION to the School Committee
Colonial Times: January 28, 2017

Lexington Public Schools has experienced unprecedented challenges in the last three years. School Committee member Judy Crocker has successfully met these demands using her extensive experience and tested leadership skills to craft efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

Judy fully understands that a student’s education involves academic as well as social-emotional learning. “Today’s child may be a student-athlete, does not speak English at home, live in Boston, or may find life more difficult due to physical, emotional, or educational circumstances, “ says Judy. She has been proactive in jumpstarting Lexington’s conversation on later high school start times and for adopting a meaningful homework policy. “Such initiatives work to combat stress for every student. It’s the whole child that grows-up in Lexington’s classrooms and educational programming must be supportive of today’s student needs.”

Judy’s vision for a school capital plan that fiscally and effectively addresses current growing school enrollment is centered on shaping policy along side increasing physical capacity. “I have long been an advocate for the rebuilding of Hastings and I co-authored policies that give the superintendent the flexibility to make every desk in every school a viable option to counter overcrowding.” She reports that converting the former Armenian Sisters School into the mandated Preschool has the double benefit of sharing its gym and cafeteria with the abutting Community Center. Judy has worked tirelessly on middle and elementary school improvements and has been consistent in recognizing today’s high school needs.

School leadership requires strong strategic planning and fiscally sound qualities. Judy worked to hire Superintendent Czajkowski and the new Director of Technology. Her colleagues voted her chair or co-chair for the demanding tasks on the School Master Planning Committee, the Finance, and the Policy Subcommittees.

Judy’s responsiveness, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities have helped shepherd these challenging times. RE-elect Judy Crocker on March 6.

Judy Crocker Most Experienced School Committee Candidate
Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 26, 2017

Serving on the Town of Lexington’s School Committee is not just a volunteer job. It is a tremendous responsibility that demands much time and effort. It requires fiscal responsibility; educational, organizational and effective communication skills; as well as accountability. Judy Crocker’s experience runs deeper than the other candidates. Judy has spent her entire Lexington residency volunteering and supporting the town and its children.

Judy has spent the last three years improving our schools as a valuable member of the School Committee. She helped hire new Superintendent Czajkowski, works tirelessly in chairing and co-chairing committees on policy, master planning and finance. Her previous 22 years of volunteer work in the town have given her the experience and knowledge for this role. Her vast experiences starting with the Pre-School PTA in 1992, the elementary Big Backyard school program, building committee liaison position for the new Harrington, Estabrook Task Force and the Safe Routes to School which she continues to serve on, are only a few of her many services to our schools. Judy is an effective grant writer and been the recipient of several school transportation and environmental awards from the state of Massachusetts.

Judy has many more initiatives that she hopes to accomplish for our Lexington students. She is one of Lexington’s most effective and tireless volunteers. Please join us in returning Judy Crocker to the School Committee for the next three years.

Bob and Mary McDonald, 5 Nickerson Rd

Re-Elect Judy Crocker for School Committee
Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 26, 2017

My husband and I moved to Lexington almost 40 years ago because of the reputation of its public schools. Our two children received an excellent education that has served them well. What better way to ensure the legacy of our schools than to re-elect Judy Crocker! The Lexington Public Schools are the fortunate beneficiaries of her efforts, and I am grateful for Judy’s public service.

Through her collegial and collaborative work style, Judy has a proven track record of effectively working with teachers, students, parent groups, town committees and departments, and many nonprofit community groups during her 27 years in Lexington. Her volunteer efforts began with Community Nursery School and progressed to include numerous PTA committees, Girls Scouts, Town Meeting, and Lexington’s award-winning Safe Routes to School Program.

During her first term on the school committee, Judy’s business training and background prepared her to be fiscally responsible and accountable. With her goals of improving communication and transparency, Judy will continue her work to address facility and enrollment demands, tackle curriculum and faculty challenges, and promote improved policies.

Judy has worked tirelessly to foster nurturing instructional settings that focus on learners’ social and emotional well-being as well as their academic success. She understands that education must meet the whole child’s needs so that he or she can reach full potential. Additionally, Judy will continue to look at ways to revise homework policies, lower student stress, address high school start time, and support robust teacher professional development.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Judy Crocker to the Lexington School Committee on March 6th.

Linda Zust Reddy, 5 Loring Rd

Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 26, 2017

Please join us in re-electing Judy Crocker for School Committee. As 35 year residents of Lexington and parents of two Lexington High School graduates, we believe Judy is uniquely qualified to continue as a school committee member. The last three years have been well-spent with Judy on the School Committee.

With three children of her own, and many years working as a school volunteer, Judy understands the needs of today’s students as well as the concerns of the faculty and parents. She has a “roll up your sleeves’ attitude to solve problems. She sees the need and creates workable, cost-effective common-sense solutions. She understands the bottom line and does not hesitate to ask the hard questions to ensure fiscal responsibility.

During her three-year tenure, she has accomplished many improvements in our schools.. She has overhauled the entire policy manual with Jessie Steigerwald as well as promoted town-wide communication by beginning each SC meeting with news about events, student milestones, and faculty accomplishments. She has also advocated for the creation of a buffer zone to protect children during arrival and dismissal in school pickup areas and authored a buffer zone policy document. In the area of school budgeting, she has advocated for a School Committee Finance Committee to better plan and monitor the schools’s $101 million dollar budget. In accord with modern child development, Judy has advocated for later start times for high school students and initiated a start time panel discussion among the the 50 towns that comprise Division II athletics.

Please vote for Judy to continue her work to move our schools forward.

Steve and Joan Clark, 32 Baskin Rd

Judy’s Compelling Record
Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 19, 2017

We strongly support Judy Crocker for re-election to the Lexington School Committee. Judy has a compelling performance record and will continue her excellent work focusing on student advocacy and fiscal responsibility.

My husband and I are 35 year residents of Lexington, and our two daughters had the wonderful experience of a Lexington Public School education. Having three children herself, Judy fully understands the needs of today’s students, realizing that student learning involves social and emotional as well as academic factors. Research has shown the benefits of a later high school start time, and as a member of the current school committee, Judy helped to spearhead a panel discussion among Lexington’s 50 peer-communities to discuss this timely topic. Judy realizes that many school challenges require collaborative efforts, and she does not shy away from being creative and proactive in finding solutions.

Judy believes strongly in the importance of frequent communication – she begins each School Committee meeting by informing the community of current school-based events, milestones, and accomplishments. She works extremely well with both professional staff, parents and the public, and her calm, thoughtful comments are refreshing and reassuring that our schools are in excellent hands.

Judy is fiscally responsible. Rather than entertain the idea of trying to afford a seventh elementary school on top of the need for a new Hastings, Preschool, and High School, she has been a strong proponent of using and creating policy that can allow administration to efficiently and effectively utilize every desk and explore extra school capacities. She does not hesitate to vote opposite her colleagues when she believed that any expense was not prudently sound.

In summary, Judy’s cost-effective, caring and communicative ways give us a strong feeling of trust that our schools are in excellent hands. We enthusiastically support Judy’s candidacy for re-election.

Cris and Paul Carter,  50 Waltham St.

RE-ELECT Judy’s Experience
Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 19, 2017

Capitalizing on the depth of her volunteerism on both the school and municipal levels, Judy Crocker has proven time and time again that she successfully knows how to get work done. Her first term on the School Committee has been no exception.

The 2 years Judy spent as the new Harrington’s Permanent Building Committee school-based member laid the foundation for her additional 3 years as an effective School Committee liaison. That’s a total of 5 years spent looking at plans, discussing energy efficiencies, and understanding our school buildings in-depth.

Judy has been intimately involved in designing the school capital plan (Co-Chair ad hoc School Master Planning Committee) and in administration efforts to meet the challenges of our growing enrollment using our current school capacity (School Committee liaison to Superintendent Student Assignment Committee under Drs. Ash and Czajkowski).

Using a different angle to help our crowded schools, Judy co-authored policy that gives Dr. Czajkowski flexibility to use current school capacity to its fullest potential. As Chair of the School Committee Policy Subcommittee, she calls these types of strategies “tools in the toolbox” for administration to use if or when needed.

More students equal more money for everything from additional desks to new teachers. As a School Committee member working with close to a $100 million budget, Judy suggested and helped form the School Committee Financial Working Group. 

While Harrington PTA Co-President, Judy first developed her leadership skills and started programs that continue there today, including Math Mornings, Family Math, and Big Backyard. On the School Committee, she continuously advocates for math and science.

Judy started her School Committee term by hitting the ground running in great part due to her demonstrated leadership and extensive experience. Vote for Judy March 6 so she can continue to get good work done.

James C. Wood Jr, 51 Gleason Rd

RE-ELECT Judy Crocker
Minuteman Letter to the Editor: January 19, 2017

We enthusiastically endorse our mom Judy Crocker for RE-ELECTION to the Lexington School Committee.

Obvious bias aside, we are confident that Judy will continue to move Lexington schools forward as she has always been committed to moving our education forward, from preschool through graduate school. Judy’s multifaceted interests and dedication to the community instilled in us the importance of service, education, and taking initiative.

Personally and professionally, our mom has participated in many organizations, committees, and parent groups in order to improve the quality of education available to us her children but also for our classmates and future generations of students. Her volunteer journey has included everything from sewing colonial uniforms to building a playground, co-organizing debate tournaments to running Big Backyard and co-running a PTA.

However, we three are most in awe of how our mom has helped Lexington students succeed long after we left Harrington, Diamond, and the High School. Her school transportation efforts through Safe Routes To School and service on the School Committee couldn’t make us prouder.

Since elected in 2014, she has dedicated her School Committee tenure to ensuring a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all Lexington students. She has confronted challenges such as enrollment, facilities, curriculum and policy that comprise the basis of educational efficacy and opportunity for Lexington students. For example, Judy identified the need and helped facilitate an overhaul of the school’s fiscal policies in her first year, raised the topic of late high school start times, created a finance subcommittee, and worked collaboratively with her colleagues in the hiring of Superintendent Czajkowski.

We proudly endorse our mother, Judy Crocker, for RE-ELECTION to Lexington School Committee. We encourage all Lexington residents to vote for Judy on March 6 as she effectively works to move our schools forward.

Erin, Andrew and Meghan Crocker,  Class of 2008, 2010, and 2012

Minuteman Letter to the Editor
December 9, 2016

Re-Elect Crocker for School Committee

I am Judy Crocker and I enthusiastically announce my candidacy for re-election to the Lexington School Committee.

I believe that instilling passion to be a life-long learner is one of the best values a parent can give a child. A Lexingtonian for 27 years, my three children benefitted greatly from our schools. As they each now pursue graduate degrees, much has changed since they attended the old Harrington School.

The focus of my School Committee tenure has been to embrace a balanced and nurturing learning environment; to address enrollment, facilities, curriculum, transportation, faculty and policy challenges; to be fiscally responsible; and to celebrate teaching and learning. I have worked collaboratively with my colleagues to hire Superintendent Czajkowski; updated the entire School Committee policy manual; created a finance subcommittee; participated in collective bargaining; served as liaison to Permanent Building, Site Council, Human Rights, and 20/20 Committees and PTA/PTO President’s Council. I have helped create new policy and worked to improve transparency and communication. Leadership roles include Chair of Policy Manual Subcommittee and Co-Chair of Master Planning Committee.

Since 1992, I have a proven track record of working effectively with teachers and students, parent groups, Town committees and departments, and many nonprofit community groups. My efforts began with Community Nursery School and progressed to include numerous PTA committees, Girl Scouts, Town Meeting, and board positions for Hayden Synchronized Skating and the William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps. I have served as Chair of the Sidewalk and the School Transportation Safety Study Committees. I am the Coordinator of Lexington’s award-winning Safe Routes To School program. It’s my pleasure to volunteer for Lex Eat Together.

By successfully combining my breadth of experience with my business and healthcare background, I look forward to the opportunity of continuing to serve Lexington’s students. Please visit .

Judy Crocker
5 Currier Court